Devere Construction, Inc.

We make ways, not excuses.

Our Mission:

At Devere Construction, Inc., our goal is to produce the best quality commercial building available on today’s market. Whether you are starting from scratch, repurposing, or remodeling your business, we strive to provide clients with a streamlined building experience, allowing you to choose styles that best suit your needs.

Devere Construction Inc.
204 Richmond Rd N
Berea, Kentucky 40403

Phone: 859-986-4652
Fax: 859-868-1232


The Art of Construction:

Taking a concept and making it a reality.

Devere has been doing it for three generations.

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Shree Temple
Madison Country EMS
Berea College Cafeteria
Berea College Maintenance Facility
Sonnys BBQ
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Mountaineer Kitchen
Boone Tavern

Our Services:

General Construction
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Sonnys BBQ

Senior Associates:

Shannon Devere - President

Nickie Guinn - Administrator

Jacob Creech - Senior Project Manager

Cheri Rogers - Bid Coordinator

Satisfied Customers

Quotation Mark

“Devere Construction is highly recommended by Berea College."

Aurelia Brandenburg, C.P.M

Purchasing Manager

Berea College

Quotation Mark

“The Devere Construction Team were Professional and communicative during the Madison County EMS Project.. Devere Construction were patient, fair, and a true team player who worked toward achieving the Owner's goals”

Joe Rasnick, AIA


Integrity/Architecture, PLLC

Quotation Mark

“Shannon inherited a very proud family tradition of high-class builders from his father John. . . Besides helping us save huge sums of money, Shannon was always available for valuable advice and guidance . . . I  wholeheartedly recommend him for any construction project to any interested party. . . .”

Asad Jadoon, MD, FACC

Eastern KY Medial Services, LLC.

Some of our Clients:

Devere Construction, Inc.

204 Richmond Rd. N

Berea KY 40403

Phone: (859) 986-4652

Fax:      (859) 868-1232

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